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Temple Kol Emeth welcomes Hope Chernak as the Interim Religious School Director beginning Monday, July 27th.  Please click here for more information on Hope.

At Temple Kol Emeth Religious School we see Judaism as a gift passed down from our ancestors. It is a set of principles and ideas, and a collection of wisdom thousands of years in the making that can help us to live, do, and be better. In short, it is a set of tools that helps us to flourish as individuals and as a community. Our staff and faculty strive to create a supportive, engaging environment in which to allow our students and families to explore Jewish culture and its teachings.

On a given school day you may find 6th graders writing original poetry to reflect the themes of the Yotzer prayer, second graders listening for the sizzling sound of the havdalah candle being extinguished, 10th graders exploring how Jewish teachings can inform what they choose to post on social media, or 5th graders designing a communal living structure and agreement for a kibbutz.

Parents join their first graders to learn what it means to be a Jewish superhero, write blessings to their 5th graders to be read as they are presented with their own siddurim (prayerbooks), join their 7th graders for robust discussions about struggling with God, and so much more!

For more information, please contact our Religious School Director, Hope Chernak at

Our Mission

We charge ourselves with the goal of establishing and strengthening Jewish identity in our children and families so they see themselves in the ongoing story of the Jewish people.


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