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Includes everything that KEFTY has to offer as well as a KEFTY SWAG item.

This is your basic KEFTY Membership. Includes a SWAG item, but is pay as you go for all KEFTY programs.

Includes everything that Kol Noar has to offer as well as a SWAG item.
This is your basic Kol Noar Membership. Includes a SWAG item, but is pay as you go for all Kol Noar programs.
Includes everything that Kol Yeladim has to offer as well as a TKE Youth SWAG item.
Includes a TKE Youth SWAG item.

I will promote the creation of a religious youth community based on mutual respect and a sense of personal well-being. I will treat others with kavod (honor and respect) because we are created b’tzelem Elohim (in the image of God). I have read the following rules, designed to promote the health and safety of all participants, and have indicated my complete acceptance by my signature and that of my parent/guardian.

•             I will not possess, consume, or distribute alcoholic beverages, other than that served by adult leadership for Jewish sacramental purposes.

•             I will not possess, use, or distribute any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia.

•             I will not possess, smoke or consume or distribute tobacco products at any time during the event.

•             I will attend and participate fully in the entire event, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Youth Director.

•             I will arrive on time, stay until the end, and remain on the event premises at all times. 

•             I will not bring or use any weapons, firearms, or anything that may be construed as a weapon.

•             I will not commit any illegal act. I understand that vandalism, disturbing the peace, or other inappropriate behavior as determined by the adult leadership in accordance with the youth leadership will not be tolerated. I understand that I will have to pay for any damage that I cause. I understand that no gambling is allowed, except for fundraisers approved by the adult leadership.

•             I understand that no guests are allowed at any event, unless the adult leadership grants permission in advance, and that any unauthorized guests will be asked to leave immediately.

•             If I am a licensed driver I will not drive during events, unless advance permission for a special situation is given in writing by my parent/guardian and granted by the Youth Director.

•             I will not participate in any activities that could be deemed as hazing, sexually harassing, demeaning, or hurtful.

•             I agree to refrain from inappropriate sexual behavior.

•             I agree to abide by any additional rules, pertinent to a specific event, which may be announced, and to accept the consequences of their violation

     If a teen does not comply with the Code of Conduct, the following disciplinary actions may be taken: Parent may be asked to escort their teen from an event immediately regardless of time of day or location of event.  Teen may be suspended from the next event/s.  Teen or parent may be asked to make restitution.  Other actions may be taken on recommendations from Temple Kol Emeth leadership.  Membership dues and event fees are non-refundable.  In the case of damage to property, the family will be liable for the cost of repairs.

By SIGNING below I acknowledge that I have read and I understand the Temple Kol Emeth Youth B’rit K’hilah- Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by its rules.


Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784