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TKE 40th Anniversary Birthright Bench

TKE Birthright Bench
40th Anniversary Fundraiser

A beautiful and functional piece of art to be permanently installed in the TKE lobby.

Design Details:
  • A 15-foot-long wooden bench with seating and a special 6” deep bench back divided into cubbies.
  • Cubbies are filled with private messages inscribed on small paper scrolls to be encased in the bench, resembling the Western Wall.
  • Cubbies are sealed with either a transparent acrylic or solid wood plate, arranged in an artistic manner.
  • The transparent acrylic plates are available for laser etched dedication messages by donors who choose to support the bench at one of the sponsorship levels.
Level What’s Included Price
“Bench Builder”* Dedication message from each donor prominently displayed on front of bench base $1800
Large Cubby Cover* Laser etched message on 10”x10” acrylic plate $720
Medium Cubby Cover* Laser etched message on 5”x10” acrylic plate $360
Small Cubby Cover* Laser etched message on 5”x5” acrylic plate $180
Israel and Bench Scroll Two paper scrolls for private messages:
One to be encased in bench and one to go in the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Bench Scroll One paper scroll for private message to be encased in the bench $18
*Level includes two scrolls - one for bench and one for Western Wall

Information about how and when to add your inscription and/or personal messages will be coming in late winter or early spring. If you have any questions about the project, please reach out to

Thank you for participating in this great project that will help beautify our lobby for years to come!

Thu, February 2 2023 11 Sh'vat 5783