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Youth Group Advisors

Carol Lief and Becca Tullman oversee our Youth Program.  You can reach them at and

Our Youth Group Advisors are:

Matthew "Ralphie" Kaplan 

Ralphie is currently a senior at Kennesaw State University getting his degree in early childhood education with a concentration in special ed.  He started working with Jewish youth five years ago when he began working at Camp Judaea as a general counselor. In later years his role with camp Judea grew and changed to be drama director, unit head, and a member of the inclusion team.   He says, “The common theme between working at camp and working with KEFTY is that I get to build a bridge between two of my biggest passions: education and Judaism. I have the opportunity to use my background in education to influence Jewish youth in different ways. I look forward to seeing how this translates into my work with the KEFTY teens!” 

Ralphie is a co-president of Hillel on campus and Vice President of programming of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish fraternity. Both of these organizations strive to bring Jewish culture to campus for Jewish students of Kennesaw State University.  Even his extra-curricular actives are Jewish!

Two fun facts about Ralphie:

1)He participated in the Disney College Program and worked at Kilimanjaro Safaris. 

2) His nickname Ralphie, which most people call him by, comes because he looks EXACTLY like the kid who played Ralphie in the movie “A Christmas Story”. 

Jori Dietrich

Jori leads our Kol Yeladim and Kol Noar youth groups and also assists with KEFTY. 

Jori has been a member of Temple Kol Emeth since she was eight years old, and was educated, became Bat Mitzvah, and was confirmed through the TKE religious school, so she has a very strong personal connection to TKEE!  She and her husband Mike have two little boys, Levi and Judah, ages 3 and 5, who will grow up in the TKE community as well. Judah began attending religious school in the pre-k class this year, and absolutely loves it! Jori truly believes that it was her experiences at TKE, her many years of learning with and from Rabbi Lebow, and summers at Camp Coleman  that are the biggest contributors to her Jewish identity, the importance she places Judaism, and the sense of spirituality she has in in her life and heart today. She is grateful and humbled by the opportunity to help create that connection for our youth today.   

For the past few years Jori has been teaching 7th, 8th, and 9th graders at TKE and she says, “It's the most enjoyable program I've ever been a part of teaching.  I've always valued the incredible opportunity we are given to see how smart kids can be when they're given the chance to learn in a way that allows them to use their strengths for learning.”  Between her role in teaching some of our older students and recent volunteer work with our high school youth group  she tells us, “I've had the most incredible conversations, with students, studying modern events and situations through a Jewish lens.This is what I feel like Jewish education and the importance of Jewish youth activity is all about, and I am so proud to be a part of it at Temple Kol Emeth.” She goes on to say, “I've been a student at Kol Emeth, a teacher at Kol Emeth, an adult member of Kol Emeth - and now I get to experience being a parent at Kol Emeth along with a more formal role as a youth advisor.  It's quite incredible to have the opportunity to gain all of these different perspectives of involvement with a temple that holds such a special place in my heart.”


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