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Kehillot: Transforming Life at TKE

The Hebrew word Kehillot means communities.  As we approach our 40th year of Jewish life in Cobb County, we remember our origins as a house of connection, rejoice in the sacred blessings we savor together today, and we renew our commitment to creating a sacred community.  After all, TKE is truly a community of communities.

Through Kehillot, Temple Kol Emeth will build a network of relationships, linking members closer together for heightened belonging, becoming an engaging, rewarding home for all.  This program intends to transform its members into a growing, thriving, engaged community and congregation.

What is a Kehillah? A Kehillah is an intentional community of 6-10 people from our congregation whose members make a covenant to come together at least twice a month using Jewish intention to help create connection; connection with your spirituality, your community and yourself.  Kehillot are seasonal, each lasting approximately 3 months and are facilitated by the Shammash ("igniter") of the group. Kehillot are geared to different interests and passions, yet all Kehillot have the same purpose--connection.  

Ready to Join?Here's how to sign up:  The  Shammashim have come up with a variety of groups to cater to different audiences and interests.  At the link below, you will find the list of Kehillot that will run from April to June, 2021.  Read the descriptions, then click on the sign up link at the bottom of the page to sign up for a group.  Groups are limited to 10 people (including the Shammash) so if your first choice is full, we hope you'll sign up for another one.  Registration will close on April 2nd so the Shammashim have time to prepare.  You will receive information from your Shammash about your Kehillah's first gathering between the end of March and the beginning of April. Read the descriptions and click on the Registration button below to sign up for a group. 


Interested in possibly becoming a Shammash for the next round?  Have other ideas? We want to hear from you.  Email the Steering Committee by clicking on the button below.

Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyar 5781