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Grade 9

Sunday 3/29 12:30:  We’re going to talk about new immigrants to this country and some of their challenges and dreams.  

In advance, parents, please tell your student any family story you have about immigration.  Which family member/s moved to the US?  Where did they come from and why did they leave?  What was the journey like, what challenges did they face in the journey or once they arrived, and what were their lives like?  Did they face discrimination because of religion or country of origin?  

 If you prefer, you can interview someone you know who was an immigrant and be ready to tell us a bit about their experience, using some of the questions above. 

A third option would be to talk about how your family came to be made up of these people in this place at this time including any or all of the following:  immigrations, where and how partners met, births and adoptions, and other parts of your family story that you’d like to share. 

A fourth option is to look up an immigration story of a celebrity or historical figure and tell us a short summary. 

 Then have your student join Rebecca and Nanci at 12:30 at this link.   

Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780