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Please apologize to your teen that our Zoom cut out at 40 minutes  - Zoom had announced they wouldn't cut us out at 40 minutes, but they did!

For this week, I posted a new Canvas called Israel in Images ... here are the instructions posted on that page:

1. Go into this dropbox folder and view all the images. 

2. Download the one you think most reminds you of Israel. Speaks to you the most about Israel.

3. Download the one you are most surprised is Israel or you think is most unique about Israel.

4. Upload each of the two images (separately) onto this page using the image attachment, frame, comment box. Add in the comment box of each why you chose that photo. Be sure to tag the image with your name.

5. Complete this by 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 29.

6. We will come together at 12:30 to discuss. Join Zoom Meeting here.

Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780