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Welcome To Temple Kol Emeth...

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We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community. We embrace all who want to share our values and traditions. Choose to become a part of our family and let us become a part of yours.


TKE Music Initiative

‚ÄčThe results are in and hundreds are packing TKE every Friday night to hear the New Music at TKE. Several hundred families have poured into TKE on Friday nights to hear the Atlanta Drum Cafe, singer/songwriter Alex Guthrie and the new Jewish music of Kyra Goldman.

Friday October 13th--Disco Shabbat with Ira Wajsman and the Chaverim band playing "Staying Alive" and klezmer, in honor of Simchat Torah.
Friday October 20th--Shir Harmony, Jewish women's accapella group--in honor of WRJ.
Friday, October 27th--TKE Choir Shabbat.
Friday November 10th--Yiddish and Holocaust Memorial--Yiddish music played and explained by Ira Wajsman.
Friday, November 24th--Brett Benowitz, singer/songwriter
Friday, December 1st--New music from our choir.

TKE High Holy Day Youth Programs

Don't forget to sign up your child for our amazing "Adventures for the Soul" Youth Program during the High Holy Days. From elementary to high school, we have engaging and energy filled programming planned to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Registration is required and all the details can be found by clicking here.

TKE Trekkers Hiking Group--September 23rd

Get those hiking shoes on and get going with the TKE Trekkers! You don't have to be an expert to enjoy the great outdoors as our group is open to all levels. For more information and to receive our emails, please contact Nikki Goodstein at nikkibgood29@gmail.com. All hikes start at 9am and our next hiking dates are:
September 23: Pine Mountain West/East Plus Overlook
October 14: Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats
November 18: Jones Bridge Park Trail December 16: Vickory Creek

Yom Kippur Break the Fast--September 30th

Break the Yom Kippur fast with us immediately after the Neilah service on Saturday, September 30! We'll enjoy all your favorites in the Social Hall. Please bring a dairy dish that corresponds to the first letter in your last name. A - G: Salads/Side (green, pasta, egg, tuna, etc.) H - M: Desserts (cakes, cookies, fruit, etc.)  N - Z: Main (casseroles, kugels, etc.) Drinks, bagels and cream cheese will be provided by TKE.

Sign up to volunteer here:

RSVP by clicking here:

Family Promise

We are so excited to introduce our inaugural participation with Family Promise of Cobb County on December 3-10 in the DLC! Family Promise of Cobb County is part of a national Family Promise organization founded in 1986 to serve families in transition. The Family Promise Network brings shelter, meals, and support services to families with children who are without homes through a network of local congregations. Temple Kol Emeth, together with 14 other congregations in Cobb County, is committed to providing the safe space these families need as they transition towards more permanent housing.
To be successful in our endeavors, we will need your help as volunteers! Below you will find many opportunities available, including a HIGHLY encouraged orientation on September 24. We are sure there will be many questions, and we are always willing to answer.
Among other needs will be donated supplies including twin sheet sets, blankets, and non-perishable food and beverages for serving breakfast and lunch. One of the biggest mitzvahs you can perform is to help someone in need so sign up today!

Four AMAZING Adult Education Opportunities coming your way in October!!!

To register for these engaging workshops, please contact Evy Eckber at evyeckber@kolemeth.net or 770-973-3533. Special pricing is available for those who register for multiple classes.

Grand to be a Grandparent – Introduction and Planning- October 8

NEW DATE! Join us on Sunday, October 8 at 10am as Joni will introduce you to her “Connecting Generations” program, developed with the intent of building relationships through sharing family stories, history, and humor and exploring opportunities to create an understanding of how different generations impart their legacies. Together we’ll plan fun and interactive activities with each other and our families to help strengthen the connections between generations and enable us to celebrate and appreciate the transitions in our lives. Cost is $3.

Instructor: Joni Janis, M.Ed

Non-Dual Judaism: G-d is everything and everywhere – not out there”- October 15

Let's dive into the topic of Non-Dual Judaism on Saturday, October 14 beginning at 4pm in the TKE Social Hall. The workshop will explore the difference between dual Judaism – where G-d is out there somewhere controlling everything, patriarchal and omnipotent, while humankind is down here. We will compare it to non-dual Judaism – which sees G-d as the creative force in everything, everywhere and constant, manifesting Divine Light in each of us. Non-dual Judaism does NOT use religious observance to avoid suffering; rather, It encourages us to look at our suffering and pain as the fertile ground from which spiritual awakening springs. Through practices like Jewish contemplative prayer, chanting and meditation, we can learn to be present in the moment. Cost is $10 with a minimum of 10 participants.

Sacred Scandals- October 10, 17, 24 & November 7

On October 10 beginning at 5:30-7:00 p.m in the TKE Social Hall, we will begin to break down "Bad Behavior in Biblical Texts." You think the Bible and other historical stories are all about good people and good choices? Did you know that it’s filled with scandal, perhaps even evil urges? Eve disobeys orders. Cain kills his brother. Jacob tricks his father and cheats his brother. And the scandals don’t end there. The TaNaKh is filled with sexual misconduct, lies and other bad behavior. We will try to figure out what these stories tell us and what we are supposed to learn from them. Cost for this 4 week class is $54 with a minimum of 10 participants.

Instructor: Robyn Faintich, M.A. Jewish studies, Siegel College of Judaic Studies; completed coursework for Ed.D. in Jewish Education and Leadership, Northeastern University and Hebrew College

Judaism and Political Activism October 10,17,24 & November 7 

Another fantastic workshop coming on October 10 from 7:15-8:45 p.m in the TKE Social Hall deals with about being Jewish and being compelled to be engaged in the American political arena. Participants will explore both modern and historical Jewish values and texts which shape the narrative for our commitment to politics, political debate and advocacy. As a class community we will choose a few of the following topics to explore in depth through a Jewish lens: gun control, gay marriage, animal rights/experimentation, abortion, legalization of marijuana, genetic manipulation (manipulating for blue-eyed boy and/or to eliminate disease), death penalty, immigration reform and refugee crisis, vaccinations, assisted suicide/euthanasia, ethics of war. Cost is $54 for this 4 week workshop with minimum 10 participants.

Instructor: Robyn Faintich