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Youth Group Communications 

What’s the Best Way to Know What’s Going On? Once and Done!

Sign yourself and/or your child for text message alerts through Remind 101. When you sign up you will receive text updates about upcoming programs specifically for that age group.

TKE Graduating Class 2017 (Current Seniorsremind.com/join/tke2017
TKE Graduating Class 2018 (Current Juniorsremind.com/join/tke2018
TKE Graduating Class 2019 (Current Sophmoresremind.com/join/tke2019
TKE Graduating Class 2020 (Current Freshmanremind.com/join/tke2020
TKE Graduating Class 2021 (Current 8th Graders) remind.com/join/tke2021
TKE Graduating Class 2022 (Current 7th Graders) remind.com/join/tke2022
TKE Graduating Class 2023 (Current 6th Graders) remind.com/join/tke2023 
TKE Graduating Class 2024 (Current 5
th Graders) remind.com/join/tke2024
TKE Graduating Class 2025 (Current 4th Graders) remind.com/join/tke2025
TKE Graduating Class 2026 (Current 3rd Graders) remind.com/join/tke2026
TKE Graduating Class 2027 (Current 2nd Graders) remind.com/join/tke2027
TKE Graduating Class 2028 (Current 1st Gradersremind.com/join/tke2028
TKE Graduating Glass 2029 (Current Kindergarteners) 

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Join the TKE Teens Facebook group to get information on our upcoming teen events including havdallah and s'mores, volunteering opportunities, teen Shabbat dinners, Snow Mountain, laser tag, ice skating overnights, volunteering and more.  You can join the group here.

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If you have questions or want to help plan events or get involved, email Ezra Flom below:

      Ezra Flom ezraflom@kolemeth.net