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Teen & Youth Programs

JAD – Jewish Art & Design

These art sessions will be a way to bring TKE youth and teens together to learn, play, socialize and contribute art and design with a Jewish twist. These sessions will take place approximately once a month at various locations and will be run by Ezra Flom, local experts, and the Teen Leaders. Perfect for all TKE youth to come together and synthesize their passion for art and Judaism in a safe and inclusive TKE space.

Hero Kids – In-Person Role Playing (RPG) (Grades 2-5)

We often hear that the meek shall inherit the earth…but we all know that it’s the geeks that really run the place. Get your kids out from behind their computer screens, video games and televisions!  This program has all the fun and excitement of video games, but with the benefits of developing their social skills, strategic thinking, and imagination.

These sessions will take place approximately once a month at TKE and will be overseen by Ezra Flom, and run by passionate volunteer parents and our incredible teens. This program is perfect for our youngest TKE youth to come together for both fun and growth.

Sunday, Nov 13 – 12-1:15pm

Sunday, Dec 11 - 12-1:15pm

Sunday, February 12 - 12-1:15pm

Sunday, March 19 – 12- 1:15pm