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10 Minutes of Torah 

"Who among us is so busy that he cannot spend 10 minutes a day in the study of a Jewish text? Just 10 minutes? Such a commitment would enable us to meet our Jewish obligation to make Jewish study a fixed occurrence. If we make time to answer our cell phones a dozen times a day and to check our email five times an hour, surely we can find 10 minutes to contemplate sacred words that nourish the soul."--Rabbi Eric Yoffie

Sign up to receive a one-page e-mail each day on a topic of Jewish interest. It only takes 10 minutes a day to get started on a lifelong journey. Spend 10 minutes a day — and before you know it you’ll have completed 100 hours of Torah study!

Reform Jews committed to having Judaism inform their daily lives. Congregational officers, board members, committee chairs and adult learners are encouraged to participate.

10 minutes a day of personal connection to a Jewish text, issue or topic. Each day has a separate theme: Torah, Holidays, Israel Connections, Delving into T'filah, and Reform Judaism Q&A.

Each weekday morning (Monday-Friday) an e-mail will be delivered to your inbox for you to study at your convenience.